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How did it look a year ago?

Last year’s brokerage event successfully gathered 126 companies and institutions from DE, FR, GB, HR, HU, RS, SI and SK, where more than 180 business meetings was held.

Brokerage event at SASO 2011 was also extremely successful, facilitating more then 130 meetings between 57 Croatian companies and 39 companies from 8 countries (BA, CZ, DE, HU, IT, MK, RU, RS). In the post-event survey 97% of participants expressed great satisfaction with the participation at the event, while 82% of them found it beneficial for their business.

SASO 2010 brokerage event facilitated exactly 126 meetings between 92 companies from 6 countries (BA, DE, ES, HR, IT, RS). In the post-event survey 94% of participants expressed great satisfaction and willingness to participate again.

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